This award is intended to recognize a policymaker or practitioner who has fostered or engaged with evidence in order to make meaningful improvements to education policy or practice. These efforts can take multiple forms such as leading an actual formal research partnership, facilitating the use of evidence on a day-to-day basis in their organization, or implementing an important new policy or program to benefit educational outcomes.  


Individuals whose primary appointment is as a researcher in an academic or research institution are not eligible for this award. To be eligible, an individual’s primary position must be in the politics or practice of education finance and/or policy. We expect candidates to be drawn primarily from local, state or federal education agencies (including teachers or school administrators) or individuals working in the legislative branch of local, state or federal governments. Individuals working in a non-profit organization who have made a substantial contribution to the practice of education or implementation of specific education policy will be considered as well. 

Selection Criteria 

Applicants will be based on the extent to which their efforts led to meaningful improvements to education policy or practice. The committee will consider the applicants role in the work as well as the practical impact of the work, including the depth and breadth of the improvements realized as a result of this work. Note that applicants will not be judged on the basis of prior participation in AEFP. 


The winner will receive a $1,000 award, a plaque of recognition and a subsidy to attend the 2022 AEFP conference. Award recipients will be expected to attend the 2022 AEFP Conference to receive their award and describe their work in an Award Winners session.

Submission Process and Nominations

We encourage P&P candidates to apply directly by submitting the application materials listed below before the deadline. It is not necessary to be nominated by someone else. In addition, AEFP members, senior scholars, and others may nominate others for the award by clicking this link. For this award, nominators are encouraged to not only provide the nominee’s name and institution, but also to write the one-page statement (see below) describing the work and why it merits recognition. The awards committee will follow-up by email to encourage the nominee to submit any the application material if the nominator has not done so. To the extent possible, nominators will remain anonymous to the nominee.

Submission Requirements

Applications must include:

  • CV
  • A short statement describing the work meriting the award and how it has impacted education finance and/or policy (1-page maximum).

Application Information

  • Deadline: December 31, 2021