The Georgia Policy Labs (GPL) is recruiting a Senior Research Associate to join its incredible team. GPL is a collaboration between Georgia State University and a variety of government agencies to promote evidence-based policy development and implementation. GPL works to create an environment where policymakers have the information and tools available to improve the effectiveness of existing government policies and programs, try out new ideas for addressing pressing issues and decide what new initiatives are promising enough to scale up. The ultimate goal is to help government entities more effectively use scarce resources and make a positive difference in people’s lives. GPL focuses on improving outcomes in K-12 education in metro Atlanta, high-school based career and technical education in multiple U.S. states, and child and family safety, economic well-being, all levels of education through rigorous, evidence-based research. In addition, GPL will serve as a teaching and learning resource for state officials and policy makers, students, and other constituents.

The Georgia Policy Labs seeks an experienced researcher who can apply theory and advanced data analysis to answer policy questions. This position will work with our team of researchers and government partners to discover and understand the data we hold related to child welfare, early care, education, and economic well-being. This position will construct unique datasets, conduct research, and write public-facing briefs and reports using many longitudinal, micro-level data sets. In addition, this position will contribute to the development of our team’s analytical toolkit.

This position is designed for someone who enjoys a fast-paced, team environment and who wants to be an active and contributing member in a mission-led organization. Experience working on policy questions, using administrative data, and working directly with government partners is ideal. This position will work both independently and as a team member with confidential data sets. Training opportunities will be encouraged and supported for this position; travel commitments are limited. This is a sponsor-funded position with funds committed through December 2023 with the aim of long-term funding.