Andreas de Barros, Massachussetts Institute of Technology

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Andreas de Barros is a Postdoctoral Associate at MIT’s Department of Economics, where he works with Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL) Africa and J-PAL South Asia. His research specializes in program evaluation and evidence-based education policy in less-developed countries.

Andy has over 10 years of experience conducting randomized evaluations and primary data collection in less-developed countries. His current projects focus on teaching quality as a key determinant of student learning, and on the potential of educational technology to improve instruction.

Felipe Barrera-Osorio, Vanderbilt University

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Felipe Barrera-Osorio is an Associate Professor of Public Policy, Education and Economics in the Department of Leadership, Policy, and Organizations.

The main objective of Barrera-Osorio’s research is to study the effects of educational policies in developing countries. This agenda intersects development economics and the economics of education. He is part of a new generation of development economists who aim to test the effects of different school- and system-wide education policies. The premise of this evidence-based agenda is to formulate clear hypotheses about why a policy may work, create an intervention that can test the idea, measure and evaluate the impacts of the intervention, and, if successful, scale up the intervention.

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